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Scientific Programme

JD14 of the XXVII IAU General Assembly, Rio de Janero, Brasil.

FIR2009: the ISM of Galaxies in the Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimetre

Wednesday 12th August

Session 1: ISM phases and star formation in the Milky Way

1100-1125      Robert Simon (Germany): (I) Examining the PDR-molecular cloud interface at millimetre and infrared wavelengths.

1125–1140     Thomas E. Oberst (USA): (C) A 205 mm [NII] Map of the Carina Nebula

1140–1155     Juan-Pablo Perez-Beaupuits (Netherlands): (C) Warm molecular gas in the Omega Nebula M17SW

1155–1210     Bob Rubin (USA): (C) Spitzer reveals what's behind Orion's Bar

1210–1225     Volker Ossenkopf (Germany/ Netherlands): (C) Atomic carbon in an infrared dark cloud

1225–1230 (P) Poster Highlights:


1400-1415      Snezana Stanimirovic (USA): (C) The turbulent interstellar medium: confluence of observations and numerical simulations.

1415–1430     Christoph Federrath (Germany): (C) Solenoidal versus compressive turbulence forcing.

1430–1445     Simon Glover (Germany): (C) Simulating the chemistry and dynamics of molecular clouds.

1445-1510      Douglas Johnstone (Canada): (I) Star formation from submillimetre and infrared surveys.

1510-1525      Magda Vasta (UK): (C) Modelling ionised and photodissociated regions with FIR fine structure emission lines.    

1525-1530       (P) Poster Highlights: Dmitrijs Docenko, Elisa Carillo

Afternoon Tea

Session 2: Nearby Galaxies: Similarities and differences to the Milky Way

1600–1625    Mark Wolfire (USA): (I) The phase structure of the ISM in galaxies

1625–1640    Gary Fuller (UK): (C) The JCMT Spectral Legacy Survey.

1640–1655    Willem Baan (Netherlands): (C) Chemical diagnostics of the nuclear ISM in star-forming galaxies

1655–1720     Monica Rubio (Chile): (I) Star formation and the ISM in the Magellanic Clouds with the new Atacama telescopes.

1720-1730 (P) Poster Highlights: Cinthya Herrera, Juergen Ott, Juergen Ott, Raqual Monje, Satoki Matsushita

Thursday 13th August

Session 2 (continued): Nearby Galaxies: Similarities and differences to the Milky Way

0900-0915      Caroline Bot (France): (C) The interstellar medium of the Small Magellanic Cloud from the infrared to the millimeter

0915-0930      Min Young-Lee (USA): (C) Infrared "Dark" Clouds in the Small Magellanic Cloud

0930-0945       Serena Viti (UK): (C) Chemical tracers of dense gas in extragalactic environments

0945-1010      Jean Turner (USA): (I) Chemistry in nearby galaxies.

1010-1025       Hidehiro Kaneda (Japan): (C) AKARI Far-Infrared View of Nearby Galaxies

1025-1030       (P) Poster Highlights: Satoki Matsushita, Elisabete da Cunha

Poster K Zyren: Theoretical SEDs for the toroidal emission using a sample of Seyfert galaxies
in the range 1- 100m

Morning Tea

1100-1115      Carsten Kramer (Spain): (C) The interplay of gas and stars in M33

1115-1130      Nario Kuno (Japan): (C) NRO Legacy Project: Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds in M33

1130-1145       Alberto Bolatto (USA): (C) Molecular Gas at High Resolution in Nearby Galaxies, and its Relation to Star Formation

1145-1200      Martin Bureau (UK): (C) Molecular Gas, Star Formation, and Disk Growth in Local Early-Type Galaxies

1200-1215      Fatemeh Tabatabaei (Germany): (C) The Radio-Far-infrared Correlation in Galaxies

1215-1230       (P) Poster Highlights: Steve Hailey-Dunsheath, Thomas Nikola, Kartik Sheth, Sophia Khan, Danail Obreschkow

Friday 14th August

Session 3: Galaxies at high redshift

0900-0925      David Elbaz (France): (I) Probing the star formation history of galaxies

0925-0950      Andrew Blain (USA): (I) Evolution and astrophysics of distant ultraluminous dusty galaxies

0950-1015      Francoise Combes (France): (I) Molecular line studies at redshift greater than 1.

1015-1030      Francesco Costagliola (Sweden): (C) Molecular Observations of Luminous IR Galaxies

Morning Tea

1100-1125       Jayaram Chengalur (India): (I) HI searches for DLAs.

1125-1140       Karin Menendez-Delmestre (USA): (C) Submillimeter Galaxies: Extended Star Formation in Massive High-Redshift Galaxies

1140-1155       Estela Reynoso (Argentina): (C) Dust production in supernovae: the case of Kepler's SNR

1155-1210       Kotaro Kohno (Japan): (C) AzTEC-ASTE Survey of Submillimeter Galaxies and Optical/Infrared Properties of Dusty Extreme Starburst Populations in the Early Universe

1210-1225       Dominik Schleicher (Germany): (C) Detecting the first quasars with ALMA and JWST    

1225-1230       Meeting Wrap-up