Invited Speakers

JD14 of the XXVII IAU General Assembly, Rio de Janero, Brasil.

Session 1: ISM phases and star formation in the Milky Way.

  • Vincent Minier (France): Triggered star formation and its effect on the interstellar medium.
  • Robert Simon (Germany): Examining the PDR-molecular cloud interface at millimetre and infrared wavelengths.
  • Douglas Johnstone (Canada): Star formation from submillimetre and infrared surveys.

Session 2: Nearby Galaxies: Similarities and differences to the Milky Way

  • Monica Rubio (Chile): Star formation and the ISM in the Magellanic Clouds with the new Atacama telescopes.
  • Jean Turner (US): Chemistry in nearby galaxies.
  • Mark Wolfire (UK): The phase structure of the ISM in galaxies

Session 3: Galaxies at high redshift

  • Francoise Combes (France): Molecular line studies at redshift greater than 1.
  • David Elbaz (France): Probing the star formation history of High-Z galaxies.
  • Jayaram Chengalur (India): HI searches for DLAs.

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