Career Profile

Manfred Yew

Combined degree in Mechanical Engineering and Science

Design engineer

I completed a combined degree program in Mechanical Engineering and Physics because I felt that Engineering was a better job prospect but that Physics would be fun and exciting. I found engineering taught me discipline, to think rigidly, efficiently and commercially (at least it tried to) and physics taught me to think, question and ponder.

It turns out that I am working as a design engineer for a company which produces an implantable heart pump. Obviously I've been employed for my Engineering skills but that's not to say that my time studying physics was wasted. Far from it, not only was the study enjoyable, but it has given me a deeper understanding and a greater curiosity of the many engineering problems which I face, which can often lead to better and more innovative design solutions. The two disciplines are naturally closely related and have served to help me understand the other in a different perspective.

Physics: Most enjoyable to study.
Engineering: Not the most exciting degree out there but it's a living.
Combined: Best of both worlds (for me anyway).

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