Career Profiles of UNSW Physics Students

"Physics has given me a deeper understanding and a greater curiosity of the many engineering problems which I face, which can often lead to better and more innovative design solutions"

Manfred Yew Read More

"There is no way I could have prepared better for a career in the satellite industry than by doing a physics degree and I think that it is one of the best degrees a student can undertake"

Peter Loughlin Read More

"As you can imagine, this great job gives me more reasons for having the best memories of my time in Australia."

Asbjorn Frisvoll Read More

"I chose to study physics because I knew that instead of being purely trained for a job, I would be encouraged to learn, understand and develop skills to investigate the physical world.."

Paul Beasley Read More

"A physics degree has given me the skills for my future career, whether I stay in a business environment, or go back to a research role in astronomy."

Imma Wormleaton Read More

"Currently I am living in Santiago, Chile, and working as an astronomer for the European Southern Observatory."

Kate Brooks Read More

"An opportunity to stay on as a research assistant in nuclear medicine physics at Westmead after university came up and was most gladly taken."

Andre Kyme Read More

"Medical physics means that areas in physiology, anatomy, and biology are studied. And it's interesting to see all the different areas of science coming together under the one roof."

Andy Young Read More

"I found it really hard to choose a university course when I was in year 12 because I had no idea what I wanted to do. There are so many options! "

Teresa Wang Read More

"Learning the radioastronomy trade has involved using over a dozen telescopes in Australia, various countries in Europe, the USA and Chile."

Wilfred Walsh Read More

"I am currently the Managing Director of nABACUS Ltd., Hong Kong, a leading Nanotechnology Investment House and Consultancy in Asia Pacific."

Lerwen Lui Read More

"Personally, I have found a Physics-based degree an ideal choice, for it is the only program around that provides the necessary background to understand our technological future."

Robert Ward Read More

"I knew that a Science degree would give me a good grounding for any future career I may decide to pursue, whether that was a research position, teaching, computing or even a managerial position."

Katrina Sealey Read More

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