Honours Students 2013


2014 Session 1 Timetable

Oleg Sushkov
Honours Director

Honours Year will be the most exciting, challenging and rewarding year of your undergraduate career. The research component makes it different in character from the previous years. You will interact one-on-one with individual academics and research groups, and become a member of the university community.

These webpages detail the course syllabi and projects on offer in 2014. The research projects allow you to work on forefront topics in research. At UNSW we are fortunate in having a School of Physics that has many research groups and individuals at the cutting edge of science.

Please read these webpages, fill out the preference form and return it to Sue Hagon (Room 62). You are strongly advised to speak to the supervisors of the projects that interest you before submitting the form.

You can also contact me

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For more information about the Honours Year contact:

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