Admission into Honours

Entry to the Honours year is by invitation from of the Head of School. Usually this requires that students have maintained a credit average throughout their previous course work. Students should have completed all requirements for their Bachelor of Science; or all Stage 1-3 requirements for Advanced Science degrees. Students in combined degrees must have completed all requirements for both degrees before beginning their honours year.

Students in the Advanced Science plans in Physics; Physics and Astronomy; Mathematical Physics or Physics and Computing will have completed all honours prerequisites as part of their core subjects. Students who have completed a physics major in the Bachelor of Science or a combined degree must ensure that they have studied at least 24 units of credit of Level 3 Physics subjects, including PHYS3210 Quantum Mechanics; PHYS3020 Statistical Physics; PHYS3230 Electromagnetism; and PHYS3080 Solid State Physics.

Students from other universities who wish to transfer to UNSW to complete their honours at UNSW should make sure they have studied equivalent third year courses to these. If you have not, the Master of Philosophy degree may be more suitable.

Studying Honours

Students enrolling in the Honours Year should enrol in the subject:PHYS4103 Physics IV (Honours Full time) or PHYS4113 Physics (Honours Part time).
Honours students are required to take 6 units of course work, each comprising 16 hours of lectures. Students take three courses each session. Four of the subjects are core subjects, two are electives. All courses contribute equally to your final honours grade.

Honours students can complete two, one-session projects, or one full year project. The relative weighting in assessing performance in the Honours year between coursework and thesis is 50:50. Students are expected to present a short talk on one of their projects at the end of the year, to an audience of fellow Honours students and academic staff.

The Honours grades are Class I, Class II/1, Class II/2, Class III and Fail. To be considered for the grade of Honours Class II/2 or higher a student must obtain a pass in each of the lecture and project component. Similarly, in order to achieve Honours Class 1, performance in both the coursework and project components must reach a superior standard.


Further Information

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