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Where is the rest of the Physics Honours information on the Web? Please follow this link .

What should I do before Session I starts? You should read through the list of research projects, speak to the supervisors, and let Sue Hagon in Room 62 know your top three preferences by the due date.

What should I do during Week I of Session I? Speak with your project supervisor and start work on your project, attend lectures, and attend the "Introduction to Honours Year" discussion.

When will we be having the "Introduction to Honours Year '' discussion? All students will be notified by email of the date, time and location.

How many Honours students will there be? Usually we have between eight and eleven.

When will we know the allocation of projects? This depends on the resolution of any conflicts that arise.

What should I put in my thesis? Have a look at Joe Wolfe's guidelines . You might also like to seek out examples of previous theses (ask your supervisor for a copy, or have a look in the School common room).

What are the rules regarding full-year projects? Look on the honours Blackboard website.

I am a foreign exchange student and would like to choose a subset of the Honours courses, can I do this? Yes, the Honours courses have separate course codes, and non-award students can choose subsets. Each honours course is worth up to 4 units of credit (UOC).

Can you tell me the course codes for the individual Honours courses? Here they are:

PHYS4103 Honours full-time
PHYS4110 Quantum mechanics S1
PHYS4113 Honours part-time
PHYS4120 Statistical mechanics S2
PHYS4130 Solid state S1
PHYS4140 Electromagnetism & the standard model S1
PHYS4150 Advanced condensed matter physics S2
PHYS4160 Astronomy S2
PHYS4170 Quantum field theory S2
PHYS4180 Atomic and Molecular Physics (not offered 2010) S2
PHYS4210 Physics research project S1
PHYS4220 Physics research project S2

I would really like to do XYZ elective from another School instead of an Honours elective course? This is discouraged since it makes it difficult to compare students when deciding grades, and it reduces the number of electives that we can run. However, in exceptional circumstances it may be possible to accommodate such a request.

Can I begin Honours mid-year? Yes, you may begin in March (session 1), or July (session 2). The Honours program takes one-year to complete.

What if my question isn't on this list? E-mail the Honours Director, Richard Newbury , phone 9385 4566 (prefix with 02 if interstate, 61-2 if international), or see him in Room 62.

What if my question is on this list, but I ask Prof. Newbury anyway? This is strongly discouraged and the outcome is in general undefined and possibly dangerous.

Last updated: 2nd March 2011.


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