GENS4010 Science and Religion

Session 2 2004


Science and religion is offered fully online this session. We may run a face-to-face tutorial if enough students want it, but do not guarantee it.

Here are some responses from previous students which may help you decide.

Some student comments from Session 2, 2002.


    • Iíve learned so much and challenged my own thoughts and opinions. I think the course is a life lesson which could benefit anyone and everyone!
    • Interesting and relatively unstressful, just enjoyable.

Preferring face-to-face

    • I very much enjoyed the face-to-face tutorial because it allowed me to identify a person and personality to an opinion, which is essential for the establishment of respect and open discussion.
    • I did not like having the course completely online. I really think it lacked something not having face-to-face tutorials. At first I thought it would be better because I could flexibly choose when to do my work, but the Internet was so impersonal and boring that I could not motivate myself to participate fully.

Preferring online

    • I found you could say more what you think (in the online discussions) and be open when not in a face-to-face tutorial situation.† They were fun!
    • I think that because the discussion was not face-to-face, and there was ample time to consider my opinion, I made a better contribution than I would have in a normal tutorial environment. The availability of all the information meant I could easily refresh the lectures when I needed to.
    • I loved the online lectures. They were so understandable. If something was confusing, I could re-read it, I didnít have to take notes, I could just print. I also love being able to submit assignments online, donít waste paper or time.
    • The online discussion was very helpful. I got to know what other people really think about certain issues. To be able to respond any time I like is very good because I have time to think before I respond.
    • The fact that it was online and that you were free to express your opinions in your own time and have time to formulate your thoughts and your answers was extremely helpful.

  • Face-to-face tutorials, if they run, will be held Monday 6-7pm Old Main Building. We start March 1st.
  • Students choosing the online option should access the course via WebCT, and send an email as per the instructions under "announcements" in the Discussion area.


Many people believe that Scientific and Religious views will inevitably conflict and there has been a long history of this. We believe that harmony can be found between the two disciplines of science and theology and we will explore this in some of its most modern expressions; these can be seen in the list of topics for the lectures and tutorials.

In presenting a subject like this there are dangers because inevitably some of your cherished beliefs will be challenged. (During preparation some of my beliefs have been challenged: I had not reckoned on the possibility of the evolution of consciousness). We should all try to be sensitive about this, being prepared to present and argue our ideas in a logical fashion, as befitting University Study. We should also be prepared to listen to and try to understand other people's ideas, especially when they conflict with our own.

Details of the content of the course are given below.

Tutorial No.


Tute 0


Tute 1

Doing Science and Doing Theology

Tute 2

Historical Interactions

Tute 3

Is the Bible true?

Tute 4


Tute 5


Tute 6


Providence and Suffering

Tute 8


Tute 9


Tute 10

Mind and Consciousness

Tute 11

The Environment

Tute 12


Tute 13

The End of the Universe

Some References


Student Comments

Here are some previous student comments on the Science and Religion subject.

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