Staff of the School of Physics 2006



  • Seán Cadogan
    Magnetism and hyperfine interactions in metallic compounds; Amorphous metallic alloys; Mossbauer Spectroscopy, neutron scattering, muon spin relaxation.
  • Robert Clark
    Experimental investigation of quantum physics in low dimensional semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures and their application to the next generation of electronics and computing.
  • Warrick Couch
    Optical astronomy, observational cosmology, galaxy evolution and formation particularly in rich clusters; large-scale structure and galaxy redshift surveys; supernovae, distant searches, rates in nearby galaxies.
  • Paul Curmi
    Structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules; x-ray crystallographic studies of protein structure; molecular dynamics simulations; protein folding and stability, understanding the function of enzymes at atomic level.
  • Victor Flambaum
    Theoretical Physics: Publications in atomic, nuclear, elementary particle, solid state, astrophysics, quantum chaos and statistical theory.
  • Michael Gal
    Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: the study of the optical properties of semiconductors, semiconductor layer structures and interfaces; optoelectronics; optical instrumentation, particularly modulation spectroscopy and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy.
  • Michelle Simmons
    Experimental condensed matter physics: quantum electronic device design, fabrication and electrical measurement. Atomic-scale silicon device fabrication using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE).
  • John Storey
    Infrared, far-infrared, mm and radio astronomy, HII regions, molecular clouds and star formation; infrared detectors and instrumentation; electronics, imaging, antarctic astronomy.
  • Oleg Sushkov
    Quantum many body theory including work in condensed matter, nuclear and atomic physics.
  • John Webb
    Cosmology, hubble space telescope observations; quasar spectroscopy; light element abundances; variability in the Fundamental Constants.
  • Joe Wolfe
    Musical Acoustics: investigations of musical instruments, of the human vocal tract and of their interaction. Information, coding and processing of sound in the ear and in artificial systems. Thermal physics in biology, especially cryobiology and water relations.

Associate Professors

  • Michael Ashley
    Astronomical instrumentations; infrared astronomy in Antarctica; optical transients from gamma ray bursts; wide-field photometric surveys.
  • Michael Box
    Radiative transfer in the earth’s atmosphere; multiple scattering, perturbation techniques; climate effects of aerosols, remote sensing from satellites; scattering by haze and cloud particles.
  • Michael Burton
    Infrared astronomy, including the interstellar medium, supernova remnants, shock and fluorescent excitation of molecular clouds, star formation and the galactic center; millimeter astronomy, Antarctic astronomy, science communication.
  • Alex Hamilton
    Quantum transport phenomena in low dimensional semiconductor structures (2D quantum wells, ID quantum wires, and 0D quantum boxes), and the effects of inter-device interactions in multi-component semiconductor nanostructures; solid state quantum computation.
  • Gary Morriss
    Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, chaotic dynamical systems, molecular hydrodynamics.
  • Richard Newbury
    Experimental condensed matter: low dimensional semiconductor systems, mesoscopic devices. Studies involving very low temperature, high magnetic field. High pressure physics. Superfluidity and superconductivity.

Senior Lecturers

  • Mary Beilby
    Molecular basis of salt tolerance in plants. Unusual transport systems in marine algae bryopsidophyceae multimedia in research and teaching.
  • Gail Box
    Inversion of multispectral radiometer data to obtain information about aerosol size distribution; aerosols and the visual air quality of Sydney; relationship between physical and chemical properties of aerosols and their optical properties.
  • Maria Cunningham
    Molecular Line Astronomy; Millimetre Wave Astronomy; Observational Interstellar Chemistry; Biomolecules in the Interstellar Medium; Chemistry of Star Formation Regions.
  • Michael Kuchiev
    Multiphoton many-electron processes in atoms in strong laser fields. Atomic collisions which result which result in the final states with several low-energy charged particles; physics of instantons and its application to quantum gravity.
  • Marlene Read
    Surface state band structure, electron and positron scattering from solid surfaces, surface structure analysis. Electrodynamics; relativistic mechanics (“special relativity”); geometrodynamics (“general relativity”).  Physics education.
  • John Smith
    Electrical characteristics of biological and artificial membranes.  Electrodiffusion theory. Acoustics of musical instruments and the vocal tract; optimization of impedance measurements
  • Marion Stevens-Kalceff
    Condensed matter physics, microcharacterisation of the defect structure of wideband gap materials, irradiation induced defect generation and transformation, advanced electron microscope techniques and scanning probe microscopy.
  • Krystyna Wilk
    Isolation, characterization and structure determination of algal light harvesting proteins. Research involves crystallization of proteins and analysis of x-ray diffraction data obtained for protein crystals.


  • Jacinda Ginges
    Theoretical Physics
  • Adam Micolich
    Experimental studies of the electron properties of strongly interacting semiconductor nanostructures. Fabrication and measurement of organic electronics and nanodevices.
  • Louise Ord
  • Wilfred Walsh

Emeritus Professors

  • Hans Coster
    Electrical properties of living cells and the membranes surrounding cells. Impedance spectroscopy and the electro-dynamics of cells in radio frequency electric fields leading to the creation of hybrid cells which have the potential to produce therapeutic materials such as monoclonal antibodies. Related research includes electrodisinfection of water, biosensors and molecular films.
  • Heinrich Hora
    Laser and plasma theory (quantum and relativistic effects) multivalley band theory for semiconductors.
  • H. Julian Goldsmid
    Thermoelectric materials and devices.
  • Jaan Oitmaa
    Solid State Theory: Phase transitions and critical phenomena; magnetism; lattice dynamics; superconductivity.

Adjunct Professors

  • Brian Boyle
    Cosomology, the large scale structure of the Universe and the properties of quasars.
  • Neville Fletcher
    Music acoustics.
  • Wallace Geldart
    Solid state theory
  • David Neilson
    Condensed Matter Theory: Strongly correlated electron systems in semiconductors; metal-insulator transition in 2D; disordered electron glass; electron bi-layers; quantum wires; superconductor-nanostructure interfaces.
  • Robert Robinson
    Strongly correlated ƒ-electron systems, magnetism in uranium intermetallics, the dynamics of amorphous materials and neutron-scattering instrumentation.

Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Michael James

Adjunct Senior Lecturers

  • Peter Barnes
  • Nigel Freeman
    Medical physics.
  • Tohsak Mahaworasilpa
    Effects of electric fields on biological cells; Electro-mechanics of biological cells; Electrical cell fusion for the production of human hybridomas; human Monoclonal Antibody Production from hybridomas.
  • Richard Smart
    Development and validation of internal dosimetry techniques with specific application to modalities.

Adjunct Lecturer

  • Galina Kaseko
    Antibody response of human lymphocytes upon antigenic stimulation in vitro (in vitro immunization of human lymphocytes).

Research Staff

  • Soren Andresen
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Indra Bains
  • Kenji Bekki
    Astrophysics; numerical simulations of galaxy processes.
  • Julian Berengut
    First year teaching research
  • Till Boecking
  • Rolf Brenner
    Design, fabrication and low-temperature electrical characterization of phosphorous-in-silicon devices, fabricated both by ion-implantation (top-down) and STM lithography (bottom-up)
  • Robert Bursill
    The theory of excited states in conjugated molecules, computational quantum chemistry, low-dimensional systems in condensed matter, lattice gauge theory.
  • Warrick Clarke
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Stephen Curran
    Astrophysics- observational cosmology
  • Neil Curson
    Fabrication of nanoscale devices and studies into gas/surface reactions, using scanning tunneling microscopy.
  • Romain Danneau
    Quantum Electronic Devices
  • Andrew Ferguson
    Application of low temperature measurement of silicon nanostructures to the quantum measurement program.
  • Andreas Fuhrer
    Quantum transport measurements in low dimensional silicon donor devices and semiconductor nanowires. Fabrication of three dimensional donor nanostructures using scanning tunneling microscopy.
  • Jacinda Ginges
    Atomic theory
  • Steven Harrop
    Structure and architecture of proteins by x-ray crystallography.
  • Fay Hudson
    Nanofabrication and infrastructure development for the Integrated Quantum Computer Devices program.
  • Mika Jormakka
    Protein Structure
  • Neil Kemp
    Mesoscopic Devices.
  • Michael Kuchiev
    Multiphoton many-electron processes in atoms in strong laser fields.  Atomic collisions which result which result in the final states with several low-energy charged particles; physics of instantons and its application to quantum gravity.
  • Jon Lawrence
  • John Ludlow
    Theoretical physics
  • Theodore Martin
    Quantum Electronic Devices
  • Linda Macks
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Louise Ord
  • Andre Phillips
    Airborne remote sensing; infrared instrumentation and satellite communications.
  • Thilo Reusch
    Scanning probe microscopy for fabrication of novel quantum electronic devices in
    silicon. Investigation of atomic-scale structural and electronic properties of  semiconductor surfaces and heterostructures using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. Surface chemistry and adsorbates on silicon surfaces.
  • Frank Ruess
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Giordano Scappucci
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Andrew Walsh
  • Laurens Willems van Beveren
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
  • Tony Wong
  • Wei Hong Zheng
    Lattice gauge theory, statistical physics and condensed matter theory.  Linked cluster expansion techniques; phase transition and critical point phenomena.
  • Xiaojing Zhou
    Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Visiting Professors

  • Igor Pinkeryeh
    Atomic and Nuclear Theory
  • Benno Schoenborn
    Biophysics – neutron diffraction and impedance studies of important biomolecules
  • Alan Walker 
    Mechanisms of solute transport in plant cells; models for mycorrhizal infection and root growth in plants and of combined nitrogen movement through ecosystems.

Visiting Associate Professors

  • Chris Hamer
    Lattice gauge theory of the strong interactions; critical phenomena in statistical mechanics.
  • David Miller
    Foundations of quantum mechanics; time-symmetric formulations of quantum mechanics; applications in condensed matter physics
  • Robert Stening
    Electric currents and fields in the ionosphere, winds and tides in the upper atmosphere which drive these currents. Lunar tidal effects on the ionosphere; computer models of the low-latitude ionosphere.

Gordon Godfrey Visitor

  • Professor Jan Govaerts
    Catholic University of Louvain

Visiting Fellows

  • Michael Drinkwater
    Hidden galaxies in the local universe.  Leader of the Fornax Spectroscopic Survey in collaboration with A/Prof. Warrick Couch (UNSW) and A/Prof. Rachel Webster (Melbourne).
  • Frederick Green
    Theory of non-equilibrium transport and noise in nanostructures and devices
  • Madan Kaila
    Quantum Information Science: Study of Basic Theories of Quantum Information Physics. Modelling in Quantum Information Imaging, particularly in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Human Brain ( MRIOHB ). MRI Diagnostics ( MRID ) of Human Brain Disorders.
  • David Miller
    Condensed Matter Physics
  • Christopher Young
    Photometric surveys of galaxies.

Visiting Research Fellow

  • Virginia Shepherd
    Plant cell biology; fluorescence microscopy, cytoskelton, cell-to-cell communication, dynamic vacuoles, action potentials, the ascent of sap, Australian native fish (especially gudgeons) ostracods, life of temporary ponds, history and philosophy of science; life and work of JC Bose.

Gemini Deputy Scientist

  • David Woods

Research Assistant

  • Marton Hidas
  • Patricia Sparks
  • Melinda Taylor

Administrative Staff

  • Ranji Balalla
    First Year Office
  • Joji Conducto
    Administration & Finance
  • Patricia Furst
    Administration & Teaching
  • Susan Hagon
  • Karen Jury
  • Venus Lim
  • Stephen Lo
    Administration & Finance
  • Savita Sardana
  • Alisha Toft
  • Robert Walton

Professional Officers

  • Terry Chilcott
  • Jeremy Chu
    Atomic Fabrication Facility Laboratory
  • Jack Cochrane
    Magnetic Materials & Mesoscopic
  • Vladimir Dzuba
  • Jon Everett
  • David Jonas
  • Patrick McMillan
    Third Year Laboratory
  • Barry Perczuk
    Third Year Laboratory
  • Bob Starrett
  • John Tann
    Optoelectronics & Musical Acoustics
  • Frank Wright

Computer Systems Officer

  • Simon Yin

Technical Consultant UNIX

  • Kristien Clayton

Cryogenics Manager

  • David Barber

Senior Technical Officers

  • Michael Benton
    Second Year Laboratory
  • George Hatsidimitris
  • Garry Keenan
    Demonstration Unit
  • Ping Lau
    Electronic Workshop
  • Andre Skougarvesky
    CMP & SNF

Technical Assistant

  • Diana Edler
    First Year Laboratory
  • Susanne Fraser
    First Year Laboratory

Acting Foreman

  • Ken Jackson
    Mechanical Workshop

Laboratory Craftsman

  • Pritipal Baweja
    Mechanical Workshop

Store Officer

  • Dave Ryan

Casual Research Assistants

  • Andrew Botros
    Musical Acoustics
  • Jane Cavanagh
    Musical Acoustics
  • Tamara Reztsova
    Atmospheric Physics

Technical Officer

  • Tamara Reztsova
    Demonstration Unit


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