School Colloquia

10 February 2006
A/Prof Peter Daivis RMIT University Steady-State Thermodynamics of Shearing Viscoelastic Fluids
23 February 2006
Prof Angelo Vulpiani Università di Roma La Sapienza, Rome Chaos and Pseudochaos in Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics
09 March 2006
Dr Vladimir Dzuba School of Physics, UNSW Atomic Physics and Search for Variation of Fundamental Constants
20 March 2006
Prof Vladislav Rozanov P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow The Investigation of the Target Physics and Design for Laser Driven Fusion
Dr Gleb Gribakin Queens University, Belfast Positron Annihilation on Molecules
27 April 2006
Dr Darin Kinion LLNL/UC Berkeley, USA Searches for Dark-Matter Axions
22 June 2006
Prof Victor Flambaum UNSW, School of Physics Variation of Fundamental Constants from Big Bang to Atomic Clocks
27 July 2006
Dr Matthew J Richter Physics Dept, UC Davis, USA Mid-IR Spectroscopy and Star Formation
29 August 2006
Dr Ben Powell Physics Dept, University of Queensland Superconducting Insulator
11 September 2006
Dr Andrew Bunker Exeter University, UK Seeking a Direct Detection of Ionizing Background
23 November 2006
Dr Ulrich Züelicke Massey University, NZ The Many Facets of Zitterbewegung in Solids
30 November 2006
Dr Edwin Erickson NASA Ames Research Center, USA SOFIA:  the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy


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