27 January 2006
R. Clark Nanoscience "7:30 Report", ABC Television
01 March 2006
M. Simmons Taking the Silicon Chip to the Quantum Level Australian R&D Review
01 March 2006
Y. Kulik Inaugural Winners of the DSTO Physics Scholarships DSTO Connections Journal, Number 101
07 March 2006
M. Simmons Quantum Leap Sydney Morning Herald
01 April 2006
M. Simmons Quantum Leap Uniken Magazine
29 April 2006
M. Simmons The Brain Gain:  Nation's Brightest Try to Fix Science Image The Advertiser
01 May 2006
R. Clark Dream Machine RESEARCH@UNSW
31 May 2006
M. Ashley Off to Antarctica with Stars in Their Eyes The Australian Higher Education Supplement
13 June 2006
J. Wolfe Microwaves and Superheating Channel 9 "A Current Affair"
21 July 2006
G. Georgevits, and M. Ashley Twinkling Stars May Reveal Stuff of Early Solar System Science
27 July 2006
A. Hamilton Uni NSW in Major Electronic Breakthrough The Age
27 July 2006
A. Hamilton Uni NSW in Major Electronic Breakthrough Sydney Morning Herald
27 July 2006
A. Hamilton Uni NSW in Major Electronic Breakthrough Ninemsn
29 July 2006
M. Ashley Kuiper Belt Objects ABC Radio interview with Robyn Williams
01 August 2006
M. Simmons Less is Moore Australasian Science
R. Clark Art Meets Science COFA Art Design & Media
03 August 2006
A. Hamilton Electron 'Hole' Wire Breaks New Ground in Quantum Electronics Cosmos Magazine
August/September 2006
M. Simmons Bright Sparks:  Australia's Top Ten Rising Stars of Science Cosmos Magazine
08 November 2006
A. Hamilton Tiny Semiconductor Takes Out Prize The Australian
08 Novmeber 2006
A. Hamilton Aussie Team Takes Out Science Prize Sydney Morning Herald
20 November 2006
J. Wolfe Physics of Speech ABC 702 Sydney
Nov/December 2006
A. Hamilton Current Carrying Holes Win Australiasian Science Prize Australasian Science Magazine, Vol 27 (10)
M. Simmons Tiny Particles, Big Reputation UNSW Research Magazine


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