Postgraduate Students

Some of the winners of the postgraduate poster competition with John Storey

Nine students were awarded a PhD during 2002. They were:

Timothy Baynes
Thesis: Analysis of the demagnetisation process and possible alternative magnetic treatments
Robert Fearn
Thesis: Music and pitch perception of cochlear implant recipients
Celal Harabati
Thesis: Many-body theory applied to complex atomic systems
Bosco Ho
Thesis: Right hand twist in beta sheets and cystein motifs in the folding of small disulfide proteins
Yoshiteru Inuma
Thesis: The prediction of aerosol optical properties from chemical and physical data for Australian cities
Merlinde Kay
Thesis: Radiative transfer in realistic model atmospheres
Jeremy O’Brien
Thesis: Correlated and confined electrons: towards the fabrication of a solid state quantum computer
Yi Qin
Thesis: Ground-Based remote sensing of atmo-spheric optical properties
Pradeep Sriganesh
Thesis: Studies of the Lattice Schwinger model

In addition one student graduated with a MSc:
Suhrawardi Ilyas
Thesis: Depth profiling of damage in semiconductors using differential reflectance spectroscopy

The Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters in Optoelectronics and Photonics programs, now in their second year, increased in popularity, with thirty students enrolled. In Session 2 these programs were also made avavilable via distance education. Most of the courses can be completed off campus and students will come to UNSW to complete the laboratories in intensive mode over the summer. The distance education option is proving popular with students from outside the Sydney area, and those who live in Sydney but whose work commitments make regular attendance at lectures impractical.

One highlight of the year was the postgraduate poster day. This was introduced to give the School’s postgraduate research students training and practice in producing posters suitable for communicating their work. The School ran introductory training in using computer design packages and provided assistance in printing the finished posters. Nearly 30 students contributed very professional posters which were displayed for staff and students from Physics and other Schools in the University. Prizes were awarded to the best posters from students in their first, second and later years of research.



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