Renovate, rejuvenate and reinvent

Preliminary concepts, PMDL Architecture and Design.

The School is undertaking a major renovation of its teaching laboratories and public spaces. The project aims to jointly advance the functionality and presentation of our school.

The areas being renovated include the First, Second, Third and Photonics Teaching Laboratories. The school’s main courtyard, previously concreted, is being replaced with a modern landscaped environment. The changes to the courtyard will also facilitate a showpiece entry to the school from the University Mall.

This project is an opportunity to introduce new teaching methods and spaces incorporating progressive concepts. A team from The Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology Fellowship (ITET) Scheme has thus worked with local staff to develop the areas.

The School of Physics wants to project a strong image on campus and within its community. Most of the Old Main Building has not had a major renovation since it was built in the 1950s and community expectations have changed considerably since then. Beyond the core research and teaching functions the plans address this by allocating resources to branding and marketing the school within its environment.

The University of New South Wales has allocated a budget of $4.9 million and the works will be completed by early 2004. Mr Gabriel Caus is the school’s project manager and PMDL Architecture + Design have been appointed. The school appreciates the expert assistance of Capital Development at The University of New South Wales in guiding the project.

Gabriel Caus


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