School of Physics Colloquia

6 February 2002
S. Sinha, (University of California-San Diego), “Studies of Latttice Distortion Effects in the Manganite and Cuprate Materials”

14 March 2002
M. Burton, (UNSW), “Hot Molecular Cores and the Earliest Stages of Star Formation”

26 March 2002
A. Burgasser, (UCLA), “What We’ve Learned About L and T”

2 May 2002
I. Cairns, (University of Sydney), “Pulsar Variability as a Complex System”

9 May 2002
B. Harris, (McMaster University/RSAA, ANU), “Anatomy of a Galaxy: Deconstructing a Supergiant”

16 May 2002
M. Hagen, (Neutron Scattering Group, ANSTO), “Stroboscopic Neutron Scattering – A Study of the Ferroelectric TGS”

23 May 2002
J. Bailey, (Anglo-Australian Observatory), “A High Sensitivity Polarimeter for the Detection of Extrasolar Planets”

29 May 2002
G. Mamon, (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris), “Applying a Standard Ruler to Quasar Separations: Strong Constraints on Omega, Lamda and Quintessence from a Single Dataset”

6 June 2002
Y. Endoh, (Tohoku University), “Dynamical Properties of the High Temperature Superconductors – Investigation by Neutron Scattering”

27 June 2002
V. Flambaum, (UNSW), “Do the Fundamental Constants of Nature Vary with Time and Distance”

12 July 2002
S. Karshenboim, (Mendeleeve Institute for Metrology), “Laboratory Search for Variation of Fundamental Constants”

15 August 2002
R. Singh, (University of California-Davis), “Mechanisms and Time Scales in Prion Diseases”

19 September 2002
T. North, (Freehills Carter Smith Beadle), “Intellectual Property: The Asset of the 21st Century”

17 October 2002
C. Ezrailson, (Texas A&M University), “Analyzing Dynamic Pendulum Motion in an Interactive Online Environment Using Flash”

24 October 2002
A. Roczniok, (Unisearch), “Commercialisation at UNSW”

7 November 2002
M. Murphy, (UNSW), “a = a (t,x)?”

14 November 2002
S. Fleming, (Optical Fibre Technology Centre), “Poled Fibre – Modifying the Properties of Silica to Enable Active Photonic Devices”

21 November 2002
S. Wyithe, (University of Melbourne), “Cosmological Reionization of Hydrogen and Helium”



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