Postgraduate Students
Postgraduate students Michael Murphy and Tamara Davis publicising their work

Nine students graduated with a PhD during 2001. They were:

Kate Brooks
Thesis: An Investigation of the Carina Nebula
Judith Bunder
Thesis: Quantum Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena in Random Quantum Spin Chains
Anthony Duff
Thesis: Crystallographic Studies of Rubisco: New Perspectives on Closure and Catalysts in This Two-state Metalloenzyme
Jochen Liske
Thesis: Large Scale Structure in the Lyman Alpha Forest
Adam Micolich
Thesis: Fractal Magnetoconductance Fluctuations in mesoscopic Semiconductor Billiards
Perez Moses
Thesis: Magnetoresistance of Layered Metals in Tilted Magnetic Fields
Maria Samaras
Thesis: Green’s Function Monte Carlo Methods in Lattice Gauge Theory
Gholamabbas Shams
Thesis: Thermal Conductivity and ATP in HTSC
Ghassan Taha
Thesis: Monitoring Air Quality in Sydney

In addition one Master of Science by Research was awarded to:

Suhrawardi Ilyas
Thesis: Optical Spectroscopy of Semiconductors.

These students are now working all over the world, in positions at the European Space Agency, NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, USA, in the University in Aceh, Indonesia, among others.

Robert Stening

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