Postgraduate Students
Tony Travouillon at the South Pole

Bo Yang Baker
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Protein Properties

Timothy Baynes
Supervisor: A/Prof G. Russell
Magnetostatics of Demagnetising Ship Steel

Saskia Besier
Supervisors: Dr M. Drinkwater; A/Prof J. Webb
Quasar Absorption Lines Through the Faint Object Spectrograph

Alan Blood
Supervisors: Prof H. Coster; Dr T. Chilcott
Biological Effects of Alternating Electric Fields

Till Boecking
Supervisor: Prof H. Coster
Molecular Mechanisms of Polyene Antibiotics

Rolf Brenner
Supervisors: Prof R. Clark; Dr A. Hamilton
Quantum Computing

Tilo Buehler
Supervisors: Prof R. Clark; Dr A. Dzurak
Semiconductor Nanotechnology

Tim Byrnes
Supervisors: A/Prof C. Hamer; Dr R. Bursill
DMRG in Lattice Models

Paolo Calisse
Supervisor: Prof J. Storey
Antarctic Site Testing for Astronomy

Christine Cherry
Supervisors: Dr M. Beilby; Prof N. Walker
Transport Systems Involved in Salt-Tolerance

Warrick Clarke
Supervisors: Dr A. Hamilton; Dr M.Y. Simmons
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Neil Crighton
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Webb
Observational and Theoretical Cosmology

Tamara Davis
Supervisors: A/Prof J. Webb; Dr C. Lineweaver
Theoretical Cosmology: Recession Velocities Greater Than the Speed of Light

Kathryn Deeley
Supervisor: A/Prof W. Couch
The Large Scale Environment Properties of Galaxies

Matthew DeMaere
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Crystallographic Studies of the protein NCC27

Jessica Dempsey
Supervisor: Prof J. Storey
Antarctic Astrophysics

Robert Fearn
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Wolfe
Improving Music Perception for Cochlear Implants

Emilia Gevorkian
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Crystallographic Studies of Chaperonin 10

Jacinda Ginges
Supervisor: Prof V. Flambaum
Calculation of Parity Non-conservation in Heavy Atoms

Michael Green
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Wolfe
Acoustics of Organ Pipes, Especially Scaling and Related Phenomena

Celal Harabati
Supervisor: Prof V. Flambaum
Complex Atomic Structure and Positron

Marton Hidas
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Webb
Observational Astrophysics

Bosco Ho
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Right Hand Twist in Bets Sheets and Cystein Motifs in the Folding of Small Disulfide Proteins

Melissa Hulbert
Supervisor: Prof J. Storey
Molecular Hydrogen in the Helix Nebula

Tammy Humphrey
Supervisors: A/Prof R. Newbury; Dr H. Linke
Quantum Ratchets in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Yoshiteru Iinuma
Supervisor: Dr G. Box
Prediction of Atmospheric Aerosol Properties from Chemical and Physical Parameters

Suhrawardi Ilyas
Supervisor: Prof M. Gal
Optical Properties of Semiconductors

Ra Inta
Supervisors: A/Prof J. Wolfe; Dr J. Smith
Guitar Acoustics

Lucy Jankova
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Crystallographic Study of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 2

Merlinde Kay
Supervisor: Dr M. Box
Radiative Transfer

Maja Kuzmanoski
Supervisors: Dr M. Box; Dr G. Box
Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Jung-Kyu Lee
Supervisor: Dr M. Burton
Shock Waves in Star Forming Regions

Yuting Lin
Supervisors: Dr J. Smith; A/Prof J. Wolfe
Implantable Neural Stimulators

Mushtaq Loan
Supervisor: A/Prof C. Hamer
Improved Hamiltonians for Lattice Gauge Theory

Erin McKay
Supervisor: Dr R. Smart
Radiation Dosimetry Techniques

Rita McKinnon
Supervisor: Prof R. Clark
Quantum Computer Technology

Gabriel Mititelu
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Webb

Perez Moses
Supervisor: Dr R. McKenzie
Angular-Dependent Magnetoresistance Oscillations in Layered Metals

Michael Murphy
Supervisor: A/Prof J. Webb
Observational Cosmology: A Search for Variability of the Fine Structure Constant

Johan Noor
Supervisor: Prof H. Coster
Membrane Biophysics

Jeremy O’Brien
Supervisor: Prof R. Clark
Semiconductor Quantum Nanostructures

Masoumeh Pashaeinejad
Supervisor: Prof B. Allen
Targeted Alpha Therapy

Michael Pracy
Supervisor: A/Prof W. Couch
Evolutionary Studies in Clusters of Galaxies

Yi Qin
Supervisor: Dr M. Box
Atmosphere Remote Sensing

Jill Rathborne
Supervisor: A/Prof M. Ashley
Antarctic Astrophysics

Peter Reece
Supervisor: Prof M. Gal
Optical Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

David Reilly
Supervisor: Prof R. Clark
Semiconductor Nanostructures

Steven Schofield
Supervisors: Prof R. Clark; Dr M.Y. Simmons
Semiconductor Nanostructures, Quantum Computation

Pradeep Sriganesh
Supervisor: A/Prof C. Hamer
The Schwinger Model on a Lattice

Hiroyuki Toyozumi
Supervisor: A/Prof M. Ashley
Computational Astronomy

Tony Travouillon
Supervisor: Dr M. Burton
Antarctic Astronomy

Jason Whittaker
Supervisor: A/Prof P. Curmi
Structural and Functional Studies of Archaeal Chaperonins

Rena Widita
Supervisors: Dr L. Holloway; Prof H. Coster
Radiotherapy Planning

Matthew Williams
Supervisor: Dr P. Hoban
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

Carlin Yasin
Supervisors: Dr M.Y. Simmons; Dr A. Hamilton
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Clifford Yee
Supervisors: Dr Y. Li; A/Prof M. Ashley
Mathematical Techniques for the Creation of Image Using Ultrasound

Ra Inta investigating the internal anatomy of a guitar

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