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International Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum Computation, Sydney, Australia, 16-19 January, 2001

I. Andrienko, S. Prawer, S. R. Schofield, J. L. O’Brien, M. Y. Simmons, R. G. Clark, “Detection of phosphorus atoms on silicon surfaces”

R. Brenner, T. M. Buehler, R. McKinnon, D. J. Reilly, A. R. Hamilton, A.S. Dzurak, R. G. Clark, N. E. Lumpkin, G. J. Milburn, “Single electron transistor architectures for simulation of solid state quantum computer readout”

T. M. Buehler, R. P. McKinnon, N. E. Lumpkin, R. Brenner, A.S. Dzurak, R.G. Clark, D. Jamieson, “Nanofabrication of a multi-qubit solid state quantum computer device”

A. S. Dzurak, R. G. Clark, A. R. Hamilton, D. N. Jamieson, G. J. Milburn, M. Nielsen, S. Prawer, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop, M. Y. Simmons, “Construction of a silicon-based solid state quantum computer” (Invited Talk)

J. L. O’Brien, S. R. Schofield, M. Y. Simmons, R. G. Clark, A. S. Dzurak, N. J. Curson, B. E. Kane, N. S. McAlpine, M. E. Hawley, G. W. Brown , “Phosphorus qubit arrays in silicon”

S. R. Schofield, J. L. O’Brien, M. Y. Simmons, R. G. Clark, A. S. Dzurak, B. E. Kane, M. E. Hawley, G. W. Brown, N. J. Curson, “STM investigation of silicon surfaces for the fabrication of the Kane quantum computer”

S. R. Schofield, J. L. O’Brien, M. Y. Simmons, N. J. Curson, R. G. Clark, I. Andrienko, S. Prawer, “STM observation of defects and P atoms in silicon”

Annual Australian and New Zealand Condensed Matter Meeting, Wagga-Wagga, Australia, 29 January - 1 February 2002

O. P. Sushkov, “Conductance anomalies in a one-dimensional quantum contact”

Annual Australian and New Zealand Condensed Matter Meeting, Malborough Sounds, New Zealand, 30 January - 2 February 2001

V. V. Flambaum, “Enhancement of nuclear reactions in matter”

V. V. Flambuam, “Possible mechanism of the conductance quantization in one-dimensional constriction”

M. N. Read, “Momentum dependence of the potential barrier for above-barrier electrons"

O. P. Sushkov, “Spin 1/2 Magnetic Impurity in a Two-Dimensional Magnetic System Close to a Quantum Critical Point”

8th National AMOS Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 5-7 February, 2001

G. P. Box, Y. Iinuma, M. A. Box and G. M. Moran, “Chemical composition of PM10 and PM2.5 aerosols in Sydney”

G. P. Box, G. Taha and M. A. Box, “Seasonal variations in aerosol optical and physical characteristics in Sydney”

M. J. Kay and M. A. Box, “Radiative effects of aerosol structure – external mixtures versus coated spheres”

M. Kuzmanoski, G. Taha, M. J. Kay, G. P. Box and M. A. Box, “Radiative effects of aerosols in Sydney, Australia”

I. N. Polonsky and M. A. Box, “Perturbation technique to retrieve aerosol characteristics using multiangular satellite observations”

Y. Qin, M. A. Box and D. L. B. Jupp, “Inversion of multi-angle sky radiance measurements for retrieving atmospheric optical properties”

Advanced International Research Workshop on Semiconductor Nanostructures, New Zealand, 5-9 February, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Weak localisation and hole-hole interactions in two dimensional systems” (Invited Talk)

A.R. Hamilton*, M.Y. Simmons, C.B. Hanna, J.C. Diaz-Velez, M. Pepper and D.A. Ritchie; "Interlayer charge transfer in low density bilayer 2D systems."

The lst Australian Clusters of Galaxies Workshop, Australia Telescope National Facility, Marsfield, 6 February 2001

W. J. Couch, “Cluster galaxy evolution”

HST NICMOS Instrument Development Meeting, Monterey, California, 16 February 2001

A. Schultz, “NICMOS Studies of OMC-1”

International Conference on Electron Structure and Magnetism of Strongly Correlated Systems, Ekaterinburg, Russia. 4-7 March 2001

O. P. Sushkov, “Superconducting pairing in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet with long range Neel order”, (Invited Talk)

National Youth Science Forum, UNSW, 10 March, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Nanotechnology: Physics, Chemistry and Biology Unite”. (Invited Talk)

American Physical Society Annual March Meeting, Seattle, USA, 12-16 March, 2001

A. R. Hamilton*, M. Y. Simmons, C. B. Hanna, J. C. Diaz-Velez, M. Pepper and D. A. Ritchie; “Interlayer charge transfer low density bilayer systems”

D. J. Reilly, G. Facer, A. Dzurak, B. E. Kane, R. G. Clark, P. Stiles, A. R. Hamilton, J. L. O’Brien, N. E. Lumpkin, L. Pfeiffer, K. West, “Many-body spin interactions in ultra-low disorder quantum wires”

C. E. Yasin*, M. Y. Simmons, A. R. Hamilton, N. E. Lumpkin, R. G. Clark, K. West and L. Pfeiffer; “Apparent ‘metal’-insulator transition in an ultra high quality two-dimensional GaAs electron system”

C. E. Yasin, M. Y. Simmons et al., “Apparent metal-insulator transition in a high quality 2DEG”

CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Science Research Forum, CSIRO Linfield Site, 30 March, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Advances in the atomic fabrication of a silicon based Quantum Computer”, (Invited Talk)

2001 International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference, 2-4 April, 2001,

H. Hora, “High Compression Inertial Confinement Fusion at Low Temperatures”

Douglas Mawson Telescope Science Workshop, UNSW, 4 May, 2001

M.C. B. Ashley, “Science Overview”

1st Intl. Conference and School on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology, Maui, Hawaii, 13-18 May, 2001

R. G. Clark, “Fabrication of a Silicon-based Solid State Quantum Computer” (Invited)

XVIth International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, June, 2001

H.G.L. Coster, “Electric Field Effects in Proteins in Membranes”

Quantum Computer Symposium, Intel Corporation, Portland, Oregon, USA, 6 June, 2001

R. G. Clark, “Silicon-based Solid State Quantum Computers” (Invited)

Earth Systems Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 27 June, 2001

C. Lineweaver, “Formation of the earths in the Universe:  the First Critical Transition.  A cosmological contribution to the understanding of Earths”

Gordon Research Conference, Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA, 17-22 June, 2001

C. Lineweaver, “Origins of Terrestrial Planets in the Universe”

Third International Workshop on Astrophysics at Dome C. Hobart, Australia, 28 - 29 June, 2001

M. Hunt, “Using the DMT for Investigation of Molecular Clouds”

M. G. Burton, “Science with Antarctic Infrared and Sub-millimetre Telescopes”

J. W. V. Storey, ”The Douglas Mawson Telescope”

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS2001), Sydney, Australia, July 2001

M. A. Box, “Space observations and atmospheric aerosols: noise or signal?” (Invited Talk)

I. N. Polonsky and M. A. Box, “Perturbation technique to retrieve aerosol characteristics using multiangular polarized satellite observations. Preliminary algorithm”

G. A. Box, G. Taha and M. Kuzmanoski, “Long-term atmospheric monitoring in Sydney using an MFRSR” (Invited Talk)

Conference on Science and Christianity, Adelaide, July 2001

R. J. Stening, “Miracles”

Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) Annual Scientific Meeting; Lorne, Victoria; 1-3 July 2001 

M. C. B. Ashley, “The ROTSE-III Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory”

T.M. Davis, "On the Nature of the expansion of the Universe"

M. Hidas*, J. K. Webb, M. C. B. Ashley; “A search for extra-solar planets with the Automated Patrol Telescope”

A. Schultz, “The Velocity of Structure of the OMC-1 Outflow”

Cosmic Microwave Background and Foreground Workshop, ATNF, Epping, 3 July, 2001

C. Lineweaver, “An Overview of CMB anisotropies”

ASA Annual Scientific Meeting, Lorne, Victoria, 4 July, 2001

M. G. Burton, “Hot Molecular Cores and the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Formation”

J. W. V. Storey, “The Douglas Mawson Telescope”

10th New Zealand Institute of Physics National Congress, 4-6 July, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Nanotechnology”, (Keynote Talk)

International Workshop on Quantum Transport in Complex Systems, Puebla, Mexico, 4-7 July, 2001.

V. V. Flambaum, “Variation of fundamental constants in space-time”, (Invited Talk)

International conference on Quantum Chaos, Cocoyoc, Mexico, 8-13 July, 2001

V. V. Flambaum, “Statistical theory of excited strongly-interacting finite Fermi systems”, (Invited keynote)

CONASTA, National Science Teachers gathering, Sydney, 9 July 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Nanotechnology”, (Keynote Talk)

11th International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories, UMIST, Manchester, 9-13 July, 2001

W. Zheng, C. J. Hamer*, R. R. P. Singh, S. Trebst and H. Monien, “Linked Cluster Expansions for Two-Particle States in Quantum Lattice Models”

International Science School 2001, University of Sydney, 10-13 July, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Nanotechnology and Quantum Computing”, (Plenary Talk)

International Science Summer School, Sydney, Australia, 11 July 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “From quantum physics to quantum computing”, (Invited Talk)

3rd International Conference on Marine Electromagnetism (MARALEC); Stockholm, Sweden; 11-13 July, 2001

T. M. Baynes*, G. J. Russell, A. Bailey; “Improving the method for demagnetisation of naval vessels and Preisach analysis”

Astrobiology Workshop, Macquarie University, 13 July, 2001

M. R. Burton, “Ecosystems, from life to planets to the Galaxy”

7th International Symposium on Ball Lightning, St. Louis, MO

G. H. Miley, H. Momoto, Y. Shaban, and H. Hora, “Use of inertial electrostatic confinement device to simulate some aspects of ball lightning”

14th International Conference on the Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems (EP2DS-14); Prague, Czech Republic; 29 July - 5 August 2001

A. R. Hamilton*, M. Y. Simmons, C. B. Hanna, J. C. Diaz-Velez, M. Pepper and D. A. Ritchie; “Exchange driven bilayer to monolayer charge transfer in an asymmetric double quantum well”

C. E. Yasin*, M. Y. Simmons, A. R. Hamilton, N. E. Lumpkin, R. G. Clark, K. West and L. N. Pfeiffer, “Fate of the extended states as B->0 and the possibility of a 2D metal”.

Annual meeting of the Int. Soc for Cryobiology, Edinburgh, 31 July, 2001

G. Bryant, K. L. Koster, P. L. Steponkus and J. *Wolfe, "Effect of Sugars on the Stability of Biological and Model Membranes at Low Hydrations: a Consequence of Specific Sugar-Lipid Interactions or Simple Physical Effects of the Solute?"

IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, Hanoi, August 2001

R. J. Stening, T. Tsuda and T. Nakamura, “Lunar tidal winds in the upper atmosphere over Jakarta”

R. J. Stening, J. Du and C. Carmody, “Simulation of the lunar geomagnetic variations”, (Invited Talk)

R. J. Stening, D. E. Winch and J. Turner, “Spherical cap harmonic analysis of some Australian data”

R. J. Stening and J. Du, “Simulation of latitude profiles of geomagnetic variations near the equator”

D. J. Ivers, R. J. Stening, J. Turner and D. E. Winch, “Crustal magnetic fields from satellite data”

D. J. Ivers, R. J. Stening, J. Turner and D. E. Winch, “Orsted and the equatorial electrojet notch”

12th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology, Madison USA, August 2001

M. J. Beilby, “Modeling current-voltage (I/V) characteristics of salt-tolerant charophyte Lamprothamnium in steady state and at the time of turgor regulation”

V. A. Shepherd, M. J. Beilby, C. A. Cherry, and M. Bisson, “The unusual cellular structures of Ventricaria”

N. A. Walker, “Response to hypo-osmotic shock of ion channels in cells of developing bean seeds”

AP-RASC’01 Conference, Tokyo, 1-4 August, 2001

V. Minier, “Hansa-Himalayan Antenna for Sub-MM Astronomy”

U S Quantum Computing Program Review, Baltimore, USA, 27-31 August, 2001

R. G. Clark, “Silicon-based Solid State Quantum Computer Prototype” (Invited)

NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Atsugi-shi, Japan, 28 August, 2001

J. L. O’Brien, “Fabrication of phosphorus atom arrays for a silicon quantum computer & transport in open quantum dots”

COSMO’01 on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Rovaniemi, Finland, 30 August, 2001

C. Lineweaver, “Cosmological Parameters” (Invited Plenary Talk)

25th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Biophysics , Katoomba, Australia, September 2001

V. A. Shepherd, T. Shimmen and M. J. Beilby,  “Mechanosensory ion channels in Chara- the role of cell turgor pressure”

NEC Fundamental Research Laboratories, Tsukuba, Japan, 03 September, 2001

J. L. O’Brien, “Fabrication of phosphorus atom arrays for a silicon quantum computer & transport in open quantum dots”

International Conference on the Applications of the Mossbauer Effect, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, 3-7 September, 2001

J. M. Cadogan, "Rare-Earth isotope Mossbauer studies of Intermetallics", (Invited Talk)

9th International Conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, 3-7 September, 2001, Israel

M. Y. Simmons, “Localisation in 2D systems”, (Invited Talk)

International Congress on Acoustics, Rome, 4 September, 2001

J.Smith* and J.Wolfe, "Tone holes and cross fingerings in wood wind instruments" (Invited Talk)

Astronomy Society of Greater Ireland, Armagh, Northern Ireland, 7 September, 2001

M. R. Burton, “Infrared astronomy in Antarctica”

2nd Inertial Fusion Science and Applications Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 2-14 September, 2001

H. Hora, M. Hoelss, W. Schied, J.X. Wang, Y.K. Ho, F. Osman and R. Castillo, “Laser acceleration of electrons in vacuum:  accuracy principle for nonlinerarity and capture acceleration scenario (CAS), (Invited talk)

H. Hora, P. Toups, P. Evans, F. Osman, R. Castillos, K. Mima, M. Murakami, S. Nakai, K. Nishihara, C. Yamanaka, and T. Yamanaka, “One step high compression inertial confinement fusion at low temperatures compared with the two step fast ignitor”

H. Hora, J. Badziak, F. P. Boody, R. Höpfl, Jungwirth, B. Kralikova, J. Kdraska, L. Laska, P. Parys, V. Perina, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, J. Ullschmied, J. Wolowski, and E. Woryna, “Giant emission of laser driven ion source and picosecond interation”

F. Osman, M. Collins, R. Castillo, and H. Hora, “Relativistic self-focusing for the conditions of the fast ignitor

G. H. Miley and H. Hora, “On options for tritium-lean targets for UFE, Inertial fusion science and applications”

F. Osman and H. Hora, “Geometric phases for soliton equations at singularities in laser atom interactions”

International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, Perugia, 11 September, 2001

N. Fletcher*, L. Hollenberg, J. Smith, J. Wolfe,. "The didjeridu and the vocal tract"

J. Wolfe*, J. Smith, N. Fletcher, and T. McGee, "The Baroque and Classical flutes and the Boehm revolution"

A. Botros, J. Smith*, J. Wolfe, "Alternative fingerings and multiphonics: measurements, analyses and databases"

Workshop of the SRC for Quantum Computer Technology, Mt. Victoria, 24-26 September, 2001

R. Brenner, “Twin-set measurement and simulation”

T. M. Buehler, “Twin-set fabrication and measurement”

R. G. Clark, “Overview of progress on the Si SSQC:  US QC Review presentation”

N. J. Curson, “The interaction of phospine with Si (100):  Adsorption and P incorporation”

A. R. Hamilton, “Quantum measurement overview”

A. R. Hamilton, “Review of the Nakamura experiment:  electrical coherent control of a solid state qubit”

L. Oberbeck, “Low temperature Si overgrowth”

J. L. O’Brien, “Fabrication of phosphorus arrays on silicon”

D. J. Reilly, “Electron spin interactions in mesoscopic 1D wires”

D. J. Reilly, “Density dependent electron spin polarization in one-dimension”

S. R. Schofield, “Surface incorporation of STM-fabricated P Qubit array by direct current heating”

M. Y. Simmons, “Atomic fabrication program overview”

F. E. Stanley, “Multi-layer resist EBL fabrication”

Ninth International Conference on Defects-Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors (DRIP IX), Rimini, Italy, 24-28 September, 2001

S. M. Hubbard, D. Pavlidis, V. Valiev., M. A. Stevens-Kalceff*, and I. M. Tiginyanu, “Electrical Characterization and Cathodoluminescence Microanalysis of AlN/GaN Heterostructures”

National Science Congress, Thailand, Hat Yai, Thailand, October, 2001

H. G. L. Coster, “Membrane Science and Technology; Lessons Learned from Biology” (Invited)

ComBio 2001, Canberra, Australia, October 2001

C. A. Cherry, and N. A. Walker, “Desperately seeking symport: Flux measurements with TRIFID”

V. A. Shepherd, T. Shimmen and M. Beilby, “Mechanosensory ion channels in Chara and the role of cell turgor pressure”.

V. A. Shepherd, M. J. Beilby, C. A. Cherry, and M. Bisson, "Unusual cellular structures in Ventricaria

2nd European Commission QIPC Workshop, Torino, Italy, 28-31 October, 2001

R. Brenner, T. M. Buehler, D. J. Reilly, A. R. Hamilton, G. J. Milburn, R G. Clark, “Twin-set architectures for increased fault-tolerance during qubit readout”

R. G. Clark, “Fabrication of a silicon-based quantum computer”

43rd Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society, Long Beach, CA, 29-30 October, 2001

H. Hora, “High efficiency electrodynamic ablation for petawatt laser fusion”

H. Hora and G. H. Miley, “Plasma screening for endothermic synthesis in low energy reactions”

IUVSTA 15th International Vacuum Congress, San Francisco, USA, 28 October – 02 November, 2001

M.Y. Simmons, R.G. Clark, A.S. Dzurak, A.R. Hamilton, S. Prawer, D.N. Jamieson, G.J. Milburn, “Fabrication of a silicon-based solid state quantum computer”, (Invited Talk)

1st IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO 2001), Maui, Hawaii, USA, 30 October, 2001

M. Y. Simmons, S. R. Schofield, J. L. O’Brien, N. J. Curson, R. G. Clark, T. M. Buehler, A. S. Dzurak, R. Brenner, D. J. Reilly, A. R. Hamilton, “The atomic fabrication of a silicon based computer”

M. Y. Simmons, “The construction of a silicon based solid-state quantum computer”, (Invited talk)

48th International Conference of the American Vacuum Society, San Francisco, USA, November 2001

M. Y. Simmons, “Fabrication of a silicon based solid-state quantum computer”, (Invited Talk)

Gamma-Ray Burst and Afterglow Astronomy 2001, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA, 5-9 November 2001

M. C. B. Ashley, “ROTSE-III response to GRB alerts”

M. A. Phillips, “ROTSE-III response to GRB alerts”

Annual Statistical Mechanics Meeting, Canberra, 26-27 November, 2001

C. J. Hamer*, T. Byrnes, “The Schwinger Model in a Background Field”

G. Morriss, “Adiabatic motion of the simple piston”

Millimetre Science with the Upgraded Australia Telescope, University of Melbourne, 29-30 November, 2001

M. Hunt, “Observations of Organic Molecules”, (Invited Talk)

V. Minier, “The earliest stages of massive star formation”

“Test of fundamental symmetries in atoms and molecules” (ITAMP), Cambridge, USA, 29 November-December 1, 2001.

V. V. Flambaum, “T, P-odd nuclear moments and atomic EDM”, (Invited talk)

V. A. Dzuba, “Accurate calculations in parity non-conservation in many-electron atoms”

V. V. Flambaum “Do the fundamental constants vary with time and distance?” (Invited talk)

O. P. Sushkov, “Parity nonconservation in heavy atoms: The radiative correction enhanced by the strong electric field of the nucleus”

Next Generation Astronomical Surveys: opportunities and science drivers, Sydney University, 3 December, 2001

M. R. Burton, “Sky surveys in the thermal IR: protostars, protoplanets & precision photometry”  (Delivered by Michael Ashley)

W. J. Couch; "The Gemini telescopes and their instrumentation".

25th International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories (Invited); 3-5 December 2001; Canberra, Australia

A.R. Hamilton and M.Y. Simmons; “Metallic behaviour in two dimensions”

Quantum information: entanglement, decoherence and chaos, Santa Barbara, USA, 3-7 December, 2001

V. V. Flambaum, “Unconventional decay law and increase of entropy in finite systems of interacting particles and spin systems”, (Invited talk)

25th International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories, Canberra, 3-7 December, 2001.

C. J. Hamer, “The doped t-J ladder via series expansions”

Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology Symposium, UNSW, 13 December 2001

G. Hatsidimitris, "General staff as a catalyst in the field of educational technology"

Mesoscopics at the Coogee Bay; Sydney, Australia; 13 December 2001

K. Jaehne, W.R. Clarke, A.R. Hamilton and M.Y. Simmons, “Fabrication and Characterisation of Gated High Mobility 2D Hole Systems”

C.E. Yasin*, M.Y. Simmons, A.R. Hamilton et al, Universal behaviour in the floating up of quantum Hall extended states as B->0.

2nd Annual Coogee Bay Meeting, Sydney, Australia, 13 December, 2001.

T. Buehler, R. Brenner, D. Reilly, A. Hamilton, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, “Single electron circuits for simulation of readout in quantum computer architectures”

F. Green, “Reflections on transmission:  An old-fashioned view of the ‘New’ Mesoscopics”

D.J. Reilly, “Electron spin interactions in mesoscopic 1D wires”

25th International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories, Canberra, Australia, 3-7 December, 2001

M. Das, F. Green, “Where the right contacts matter in the realm of mesoscopic transport”, (Invited talk)

F. Green, M. Das, “Nonequilibrium mesoscopics as many-body physics”, (Invited talk)

SPIE’s International Symposium on Microelectronics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MICRO/MEMS 2001), Adelaide, Australia, 17-19 December 2001.

T. Buehler, R. Brenner, D. Reilly, A. Hamilton, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, “Nanoscale single electron transistor architectures for single spin detection in solid-state quantum computer devices”

V. Millar, C. Pakes, A. Cimmino, D. Brett, D. Jamieson, S. Prawer, R. McKinnon, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, “Nanoscale fabrication using single-ion impacts”

J. O'Brien, S. Schofield, M. Simmons, R. Clark, A. Dzurak, N. Curson, B. Kane, N. McAlpine, M. Hawley, G. Brown, “Nanoscale phosphorous atom arrays created using STM for the fabrication of a silicon-based quantum computer."

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