School of Physics Colloquia

13 February, 2001
B. Gallagher, (University of Nottingham), “2D Electrons in Non-Uniform Magnetic Fields: New Giant Magnetoresistance Effects and Device Concepts”

19 February, 2001
Z. Pan, (Fudan University), “Investigation on Low Energy Cluster Deposition on Surfaces”

22 February, 2001
S. Hess, (Technical University of Berlin), “Electro- and Magneto-Rheological Properties of Liquid Crystals and of Ferro-Fluids)

1 March, 2001
L. Wernersson, (Lund University), “Resonant Tunnelling; From Quantum Physics to Integrated Circuits”

5 March, 2001
J. Speth, (University of Bonn), “Pions in Hadron Physics”

8 March, 2001
C. Lineweaver (UNSW), “An Estimate of the Age Distribution of Terrestrial Planets in the Universe; Quantifying Metallicity as a Selection Effect”

15 March, 2001
J. Quinn, (University of Tennessee), “Composite Fermions in Fractional Quantum Hall Systems”

26 April, 2001
C. Akerlof, (University of Michigan), “Searching for Flashes in the Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts and Other Astrophysical Explosions”

3 May, 2001

J. LeMarshall, (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), “The Geostationary Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS) – Revolutionary Observations for the New Millennium”

24 May, 2001
M. Zuckermann, (Simon Fraser University & McGill University), “Lipid-mediated Interactions Between Protein ‘Inclusions’ in Lipid Bilayers: a Driving Force for Protein Assembly?”

14 June, 2001
R. Saglia, (Universitätssternwarte München), “The Properties of Dark Matter Halos of (Round) Giant E Galaxies”

26 June, 2001
M. Stiavelli, (Space Telescope Science Institute), “The Next Generation Space Telescope”

27 June, 2001
J. Lloyd, (University of California Berkeley), “Adaptive Optics Observations of Radial Velocity Planetary Systems”

10 July, 2001
O. Gingerich, (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), “Dare a Scientist Believe in Design?”

31 July, 2001
A. Davis, (Los Alamos National Laboratory), “Earth’s Cloudy Atmosphere, a Laboratory for Radiative Transfer in 3+1 Dimensions”

2 August, 2001
F. Green, (UNSW), “What High-Field Noise May Tell Us About Ballistic Transport”

9 August, 2001
J. Adler, (Technion, Haifa), “Websites and Computers in Physics Teaching”

14 August, 2001
B. McKellar, (University of Melbourne), “Counting Neutrinos by Big Bang Nucleosynthesis”

23 August, 2001
R. Chen, (Tel-Aviv University), “Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL); Physical Principles and Applications in Dosimetry and Archaeological Dating”

6 September, 2001
R. Clark, (UNSW), “Fabrication of a Silicon-Based Quantum Computer: Progress Report”

13 September, 2001
A. Milstein, (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics), “Nonlinear Processes of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) in the Electric Fields of Heavy Atoms”

20 September, 2001
C. Phillips, (Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe), “Methanol Masers: Probes of Massive Star Formation

25 October, 2001
M. Bunge, (UNSW & McGill University), “The Concept of a Physical Magnitude, and How Not to Define the Concept of Mass”

15 November, 2001
M.A. Stevens-Kalceff (UNSW), “Microcharacterisation of the Defect Structure of Wide Band Gap Materials”

16 November, 2001
W.R. Johnson, (Notre Dame University), “Atomic-Physics Tests of Quantum Electrodynamics & the Standard Model”

21 November, 2001
L. Oberbeck, (UNSW), “Low-Temperature Silicon Epitaxy – Introduction to Growth, Deposition Techniques, and Applications”

12 December, 2001
S. Brown, (University of Canterbury), “Cluster Assembled Nanostructures”

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