Reflection from Dielectrics

Third Year Laboratory, School of Physics, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

This programme will plot your data. It returns the results in the form of a graph containing your datum points and the calculated fit.

Details of Experiment:

Polarisation of beam with
respect to the plane of incidence
Refactive index of dielectric ndielectric =

Select data entry format

theta=angle of incidence (in degrees), I=intensity of reflected light
d(theta)= error in theta, dI = error in I

Data points:

Note: Use spaces between each entry. Enter the angle of incidence theta (in degrees) and reflected intensity I. Place one datum point per line.
(Hints: Tabs and commas may also be used to delimit values. You may "cut and paste" a list of data points onto this window.)


To modify the presentation of your graph complete part or all of this section.

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axis labelsxy
axis ranges < x < < y <

your data or to clear screen.

Fresnel's Laws of Reflection

p-polarisation case

fresnel eqn

s-polarisation case

fresnel eqn

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